Basic 3 reel slots games are an ideal option if you're a newcomer to slots games. Here are some strategies that may help you win more often.

Basic Strategies For Three Reel Slots Games

Three-reel slots come in a variety of forms and have a constant top jackpot. The payout remains the same regardless of how often the game is played. While the jackpots are often lower than those of progressives, your bankroll tends to last longer - and ideal opton if you're a newcomer to slots games.

Maximize Your Money

1. Start with single payline slot games before playing multiple paylines.

This will make your money last longer.

2. Look for two-coin maximum nonprogressive slots games.

A two-coin slot game may pay 80 coins for three double bars with two coins in, whereas a three-coin game may pay 120 coins for the same combination. But remember, you have to gamle an extra coin each spin, so the payouts are generally equal.

Three-coin slot games look more lucrative only in their payoff structure. If you play three-coin games as a rule, you may spend more than players who invest more in the preferred two-coin games.

3. Seek out slots that pay multiplier jackpots on certain payline combinations.

The principle is simple. Whenever it appears on the payline in combination with any other symbols that normally would have made a winning combination, the payoff amount is multiplied. In most instances these multiplier symbols also substitute for any other pay symbol.

Look closely to see which game you are playing - not all will double and quadruple all pays and not all will have multiple-jackpot win possibilities.

Some slots games will have only two multiplier symbols, while others will have three, one on each of the three reels.

Some examples of slots games where you can try 3 reel slots strategies with multipliers include: Couch Potato, Wheel Of Wealth, Sonic Boom, Break da Bank, Double Magic and Cracker Jack.

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